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Individual Therapy

Therapists Providing This Service

Therapy may be an effective way to learn more about healthy and unhealthy relationships. Identify what type of environments nurture your development as a more whole person. Therapy may help you identify patterns in yourself and those around you. It is time well spent with an experienced professional with whom you can learn new skills, contemplate ideas, and give yourself a sacred space in which to grow.

Individual Therapy is helpful for solving problems, encouraging self-development and supporting individuals in discovering their inner resources, building self-esteem and developing new healthy patterns and solutions to life's challenges. Individual Therapy can help a person overcome such barriers as:

  • Low Self Esteem
  • Intense Anger or Rage
  • Unsatisfying relationships that make you feel unhappy, frustrated and not understood
  • Intense Sadness, crying, lethargic, loss of interest in pleasurable activities
  • Obsessing or ruminating over an idea or someone
  • Feeling anxious, uncomfortable and out of control
  • Feeling worried or uncomfortable about social situations
  • Trauma that makes you feel fearfulness, worried, anxious and potentially paranoid

Take the first step and enter therapy to explore your potential and gain understanding of yourself and others.