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Angelica Melgoza


My approach to therapy is to create a therapeutic alliance for individuals to be able to freely express their thoughts and feelings in a safe and non-judgmental environment. My goal is to build a trusting therapeutic relationship in which you feel heard, seen, validated, and accepted. I consider myself to be a strength-based therapist and will work with you to create goals, in addition to working through intrusive thoughts. As well as utilizing coping mechanisms and self-care in your daily routine, without feelings of guilt and shame. I am here to support you and meet you where you are. In addition to planting those seeds and seeing your self-worth, because you are worthy.

The modalities I use are; DBT, CBT, ACT, ACES, MI, Mindfulness, and Meditation. I have experience working at Intensive Outpatient Programs in the community. I have worked with different age groups, including children to older adults and have found a niche in working with young adults and working through trauma, impaired family relationships, generational cycles, mood regulation, self-esteem, etc. I have worked with a wide range of individuals from different cultures, backgrounds, and LGBTQ+ community. I also speak Spanish if this is an important factor you seek in a therapist.

Asking for help can be difficult and I am here to support you and listen. In addition to thanking you for taking this step and being vulnerable with not only myself but with yourself. At the end of the day you matter and I look forward to meeting with you.