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Katelyn Kivett


Do you feel like you’re stuck in the past even as your present life changes or maybe you even feel you’re repeating your past? Are you tired of feeling like relief and joy are just out of reach? Does it feel like you just can’t catch a break? You’ve tried to change your life, maybe on your own, maybe in therapy, yet you still feel stuck in feelings of shame, anxiety, depression and fear. Living like this can be incredibly draining. Traumatic experiences can negatively impact your relationships, work, and mood on a daily basis. I understand that trauma leaves you feeling vulnerable and seeking therapy is one of the bravest choices you can make. This is why I work to create a collaborative and transparent environment throughout your therapeutic journey.

Whether you are struggling with a history of abuse or domestic violence, rejection, loss, chronic pain, low self esteem, or relationship issues, I am here to listen and support you. Imagine feeling safe and at ease when you wake up each day and knowing you have the tools to relieve your pain when it does appear. Imagine the relief and safety that comes with working together to reach a place of empowerment and stability.

In our work together, my primary concern is making sure you feel safe and understood. I know that sharing your deepest pains is incredibly difficult and you should not have to sit alone in that pain. As an EMDR trained counselor, I can help you resolve and process memories and stressors that are feeding current issues. I function through the lens of narrative theory, parts work, attachment theory, and evidenced based modalities such as EMDR to holistically address your goals. I have experience working with teens, adults, and elders with a variety of concerns and greatly enjoy working with women on their healing journeys.