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Holly Myrick


Hello, my name is Holly Myrick. I have seen that by living in this fast-paced and
modern society, many of us have become more isolated from our community and from
ourselves. I understand that significant stressors we face such as grief, illness, breakups/
divorce, trauma, anxiety, depression, bullying, you name it, can make us feel even more
isolated and disconnected resulting in a vicious cycle of hopelessness and feelings of
brokenness. My passion and goal as a therapist is to guide my clients in feeling
reconnected within themselves and their surrounding community through a collaborative
and existential approach.

My approach is tailored to meet the unique needs and strengths of each client. I
have found that throughout my life and as a therapist, I am dedicated to bringing a true
sense of normalcy to my clients’ unique and individual experiences. Everyone’s definition
of “normal” is diverse and unique, and you are never alone in your journey.
My practice is built on creating a space that is warm, accepting, and empowering. My
modalities include client-centered, EMDR, solution-focused, existential, CBT, art and
play therapy. If you’re looking for a therapist who can provide a warm, accepting, and
empowering space for your personal growth, healing, and reconnection to self, I am here
for you.