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Eric Herrera


I am curious to understand the nature of life. What happens to stymie life, and how we can strive to transform it? What processes make it move and change? What factors nourish it, and what factors deplete and damage it? I believe that it is important to focus on not only our past and the challenges we have experienced, but also on the life we aspire to. This means bringing attention to those things in our life that will promote health and well-being, rather than just getting rid of what you feel is wrong. In therapy, we will focus on taking a collaborative approach to help you explore and identify how you would like your life to look after our time together is through.

I’m Eric, and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I want to work with you to explore the reasons you may have lost hope in areas of your life. Together we can examine the relationship between your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. We can gain insight into your aspirations, help you heal from past or current trauma, and foster lasting and meaningful relationships.

I help individuals, children, teenagers, and families regain the joy that may be absent in their lives. I also have a strong affinity for working with couples, helping them to rediscover the connection and intimacy that once formed the foundation for a meaningful relationship. I have developed specialized skills and knowledge that can help you identify and address destructive patterns and behaviors in your life. Working together, we will build skills that can promote well-being, happiness, and personal relationships.

In our time together we will address the issues that brought you to counseling, adopting a positive approach that focuses on the possibilities that you can envision for your future. My authentic demeanor will guide our partnership and provide you the space and safety to express your true thoughts and feelings, without the fear of judgement or criticism. Put your burden down. It’s our burden to carry now. To begin, all you must do is show up, and we’ll get through this together.