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Jacqueline Bain


My highest values are empathy, authenticity and connection, all of which are vital to a positive
therapeutic relationship. I will see you as a whole person, not a problem to be solved.
I specialize in working with youth of all ages, from elementary age to teenagers. I take a casual,
fun and relatable approach to therapy that allows youth to feel more comfortable in what is-lets
face it-a really awkward situation. I enjoy helping youth find their voice and bridge the gap
between parent and child, improving communication and the quality of the relationship. As a
former mental health intervention specialist at an elementary school, I understand how
significant friendships are for students, and the challenges that come along with that. I enjoy
collaborating with kids and their families to manage anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss,
or any other challenging life phases.

As a queer therapist, I am passionate about giving back to the LGBTQ+ community, providing
support and walking alongside you on your journey. Whether that looks like gender exploration,
sexual identity development, the coming out process, or you just want a queer therapist who
“gets” you, I’m here.

I believe very strongly that individual problems do not occur in a vacuum. They are not
indicators of personal failure. Using a systemic perspective we will be able to dive into cultural,
familial and societal factors, gaining a deeper understanding of the situation in its context. Using
elements of mindfulness such as self compassion we can start to unpack the problem and learn
healthy ways to manage it.

I draw from a variety of modalities in my practice, including but not limited to: narrative therapy,
ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or motivational
interviewing. I love supporting clients to form a deeper understanding of self, and through that
process, a deeper connection with others. I can’t wait to meet you!