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Mariz Bebawy


Navigating relationships can be very difficult, especially our relationship with our own mind and body. It can be hard to sift through triggers, shame, low self-esteem and painful memories. Our past can be very present in our daily lives and it makes it even more confusing. As a therapist, I focus with my clients on increasing their self-awareness, understanding their triggers, healing past trauma and fostering healthier relationships with themselves and others.

I have a passion for working with adults who feel stuck, whether it’s their relationship with themselves, romantic relationships or friendships. I also love working with couples who are longing to feel closer and more secure in their relationship. I work from a psychodynamic approach with an attachment lens and use EFT, Schema Therapy and Gottman.

I believe in the sacredness of the therapy room, I provide a non judgmental and compassionate space for my clients. I am here to meet you where you are and walk alongside you in your own journey. I provide a space where you feel heard, respected and seen.