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Garrett Rutz



What carries us through our most difficult times? What comes to our rescue when all the chips are down and we must enact a particular practice that carries us through? It is the stories that have been told about us, about our families, and about our friends. Stories are remembered and enacted through time, they have a shaping power in our lives, and they do not have an expiration date. Your story matters. 

As a narrative therapist, it is my belief that stories of our richly lived experience are a vehicle for change and transformation in one’s life; I believe that when you are given the opportunity to step outside of, and to hear your own stories, that this positions you to have the capacity to respond in meaningful ways on behalf of yourself and others. And that when each of us is re-positioned in relation to the problems/dilemmas we encounter, that this invites a person to live life on purpose, whatever that ‘on purpose’ may be. I have never heard the same story twice, and my belief is that I never will.

I use this narrative approach with individuals, couples, families and groups: I have worked with men who wish to become more accountable in their relationships; I have worked with women of all ages who have experienced serious violence and abuse; I have worked with couples/relating partners who have lost all hope for their relationship; I have worked with families where addiction, trauma, and monumental shifts in the lives of their loved ones have disrupted their preferred ways of relating to one another; and I have witnessed the transformation of my clients towards living life on purpose despite what they have been up-against. 

I strongly consider that the purpose of therapy is to open up more options, more say, and more freedom in a person’s life. I hold that choosing to seek therapy is no small matter, and because of this what draws people to seek therapy must be considered of great importance. I became a therapist to respond to your cherished matters. 

I believe that therapy is not meant to be a cookie-cutter and manualized endeavor, but that it is meant to be an engaging and collaborative experience. An experience where we meet eye-to-eye and shoulder-to-shoulder over what matters most to you. 

In relation to all of this, I am interested in getting to understand what gives you hope while in the midst of serious concerns, endeavors, or mistreatment from others, and how you have held onto this hope and why it is uniquely important to you. 

I do not believe that therapy has to be long-term, but that transformation in relation to your problems and dilemmas is possible within a short period of time. I ask those who are working with me to take an active part in therapy–both within the room together and in your relationships outside the context of therapy. I take a pro-feminist, pro-social justice, and pro-LGBTQIA++ stance in my work, your story matters.