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Medication Evaluation

Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Clinical Specialists are practitioners who specialize in the pharmacologic treatment of problems that you may be experiencing with your mood (how you feel — for example, happy or sad), your behavior (how you act — for example, impulsive or angry) or your cognition (how you think — for example, memory loss or unusual thoughts like having to count things over and over again even if you really don’t want to). Before prescribing medication, the prescriber will do a complete evaluation, during which time they will consider all forms of psychiatric treatment such as individual, couples, or family psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, or behavioral therapy. The evaluating psychiatrist or clinical nurse specialist may decide that you do not need medication treatment. Alternatively, it may be decided that all you need is medication treatment or medication treatment may be recommended only on the condition that you start or continue with another form of psychotherapy at the same time.