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Janet Miller


Whatever your background or living situation–individuals, couples, families, with or without children—whatever the stress you are coping with, whoever or whatever you have lost—a visit to my virtual office can offer some welcome relief.  Recapture just a few moments of enthusiastically enjoying life as the adventure it should be.  Improve your relationships—strained as they may be because the rhythm of our lives has been so unnaturally disrupted.  Regain a sense of who you truly are.

Originally a genetics research scientist, I view psychotherapy through a biological lens—that is, who we are psychologically, biologically, and energetically exists by virtue of having conferred enhanced survival upon our species.  Our body’s built-in self-healing capacity can be harnessed to effect the kind of psychological changes we want in ourselves.

My approach goes beyond behavior management, and I have used it to successfully address severe anxiety, depression, and many other mental health challenges.   Enlightened self-interest springs naturally out of a psychologically healthy mind.  And therein lies our hope.