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Emma Latuno

LMFT (not currently accepting new clients)

As human beings, our hearts naturally long for an understanding of ourselves and the world around us. This longing in us creates a desire for deep and lasting personal growth throughout our lifetime.

It is also natural, however, for us to feel “stuck” in this growth process during different seasons of life. Whether you feel stuck in patterns of overwhelming emotions, distressing thoughts and behavior, or relational issues with others, therapy can be an excellent tool for gaining fresh perspective on our stories, challenges, needs, and aspirations.

I sincerely believe that lasting growth only happens when we feel safe, seen, and secure enough to take steps toward exploration and vulnerability. As your therapist, my focus is to provide a space for you to experience the depths of who you are in a compassionate environment.

Guided by the frameworks of attachment theory and emotionally focused therapy, my mission is to be with you as we gain awareness of the barriers to growth that can keep you feeling stuck. Additionally, I hope to encourage and empower you as we take next steps toward healing, transformation, and flourishing.

I enjoy working with individuals, adolescents, and couples. I have experience working with clients seeking help for anxiety, depression, relational struggles, identity and body image issues, eating disorder recovery, social and coping skills, and Christian/faith-based counseling.

It’s a very brave step to seek help, and it’s a privilege for me to walk alongside you in your growth process.