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Ellie Messinger-Adams


Has trauma left you feeling like your life has been flipped upside down? Is life as a new mom not what you expected it to be? Are you a new parent who is struggling with the adjustment of 2 to 3? Is your teen having difficulty in school or showing signs of anxiety or depression? Is your day to day life becoming more difficult to manage? Things may feel hopeless but it’s possible to get back on your feet and begin moving forward again.

By working through the pain and rediscovering your purpose and inner strength, you’ll be able to breathe and find balance again.
In working together you will feel at ease and know that change is happening. I’ll take the time to get to know who you are and what your desires are for moving forward. You’ll be the expert of your life, I’ll honor and support you in learning your own strengths and needs. I’ll help you make healthy changes to the parts of your life causing distress and pain.

I specialize in working with teens, young adults, adults and parents seeking to find balance in your busy, ever changing life. I will work with you to help you find the inner strength and power you need to get unstuck and begin to heal. You ARE ready to take the first step. I will guide you the rest of the way. Schedule an appointment with me TODAY!