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Helga Flores

Director of Administration & Human Resources

Helga Flores is the Head of Human Resources and Intake Coordinator at Wave Therapy. She brings 15 years of administrative experience, customer relations, marketing and quality assurance to Wave.  Prior to working at Wave Therapy, Helga worked as a Care Coordinator, Senior Behavioral Therapist, and Marketing/Hiring Manager which involved directly working with staff, families and providing therapy to children who were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder & other developmental disabilities. Having a background in both clinical and administrative tasks brings a unique blend of understanding and compassion when assisting clients and clinicians at Wave Therapy.

Helga graduated from the University of California Davis with her Bachelors of Science in Psychology. Throughout her years at UC Davis she trained at the UC Davis Mind Institute where she expanded her skills and knowledge in research, awareness, and understanding associated with various neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Helga expanded her career by working as a Marketing/Hiring Manager where she managed social media, digital, inbound, outbound, content marketing, advertisement, and community outreach. Her responsibilities also involved assisting with hiring, vetting applicants and employees and working closely with staff. With all of these experiences combined, Helga offers a well rounded level of skills at Wave Therapy.

Her passion to help others has been proven throughout the years. Being able to continue to contribute to the community and at Wave Therapy has been a blessing.