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Liza Castro


Asking for help is never easy. I commend your courageous decision to invest in yourself today! Traversing this far in your research to find support during challenging times in your life is proof that you care about creating a positive change somehow, somewhere. Resilience is possible in the face of adversity. My goal as your therapist is to be that pillar of support and your helper. Making choices is not easy, but necessary. If you are willing to trust yourself and commit to yourself, then that is half the battle. The other half of the battle is patiently working on yourself day by day. I do not believe in leaving anything to chance, but I do believe in you.
My experience stems from working with a variety of clientele and utilizing different therapeutic approaches. The most common modalities I utilize with my clients stems from a combination of CBT, DBT SFT, Mindfulness, MI and others, to name a few.  I have experience working with clients that suffer from anxiety, depression, mood disorders, sexual abuse/assault, human trafficking, self-esteem, child abuse, various forms of trauma, grief and loss, self-harm, substance use disorders, marital issues, relationship issues, youth/teen issues, domestic violence, anger issues, codependency, parenting issues, emotional neglect, infidelity, adoption, family reunification, adjustment disorder, PTSD, Christian counseling and life transitions. I also speak Spanish, for those in need of Spanish speaking support. I am here to help in any way I can because I care about you living your best life now!
Ever heard of the farmer’s mentality? The most important goal of our work together is to either create or recreate your mental health garden and plant new seeds of hope. You are the farmer and as I mentioned before, I am your helper. Together, we can recultivate the rich soil of your mind; together, we plant the seeds; together, we water the soil; together, we uproot the weeds so they do not choke the healthy roots; together, we repel the unwanted pests and the best part is that Mother Nature will provide the sunshine and the rain. When the season is right, your garden will have sprouted through and you will reap your harvest. Life of positive abundance is closer than you think when you choose to invest in yourself. Every farmer’s garden is different and the farmer is patient with the entire process because some gardens take more time to grow than others. Whatever you decide, you made it this far! The seeds are in your hands right now. Wishing you a bounty of peace and prosperity.