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Klara Placek


I believe that we all have the potential for healing and I view psychotherapy as an opportunity for growth and change, as well as an opportunity to feel closer to yourself and to those you love.

Some of my specialties include working with children, adolescents or adults and helping them overcome mood and anxiety disorders, relationship issues, and family conflict.

I use Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) to guide clients from distress to transformational healing experiences and I am passionate about creating a safe environment and a rich therapeutic relationship to foster such discovery and transformation.

In couples therapy, I use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and work from an attachment perspective to change negative patterns of interaction and to promote compassion and intimacy in relationships.

It is my understanding that when we feel bonded to others we can begin to learn and explore new ways of living wholeheartedly. Whether you have felt like life and relationships have always been difficult to navigate or you have recently been thrown some curveballs, I would love to join you on your journey to recovery.