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Kim Lottes


It is my mission in life to create sacred space where people can tap into their inner world in order to identify and shed old beliefs, conditioning, and programming so that they can access their intuitive wisdom and shine their authentic light into the world. It is my honor to walk with clients on their path of healing and evolution.

Our conditioning, and the core beliefs that we created as a result, get stored in our subconscious from a young age. Those beliefs and stories then continue to run in the background without our knowledge and cause us to do things like self-sabotage or repeat the same relationship patterns that continually result in pain. In a deep, loving, and gentle way, I help clients look at these core woundings. We bring awareness to the stories that are running the show and then work in a holistic way to release them. Once we have awareness of our subconscious terrain, we then have much more choice in how we respond to life. This also frees up space to start consciously co-creating the life we want. As this process unfolds, clients notice more peace and freedom inside. Once we shift the inner landscape, we find the world around us changing as well.

I utilize a variety of theoretical approaches and techniques in my work, including psychodynamic, CBT, DBT, mindfulness, somatic, experiential, humanistic, and existential. I am also a Certified Shamanic Practitioner and integrate this spiritual work into our sessions if clients are interested. This may look like meeting your highest self to access their wisdom through guided visualization, moving through a soul retrieval to heal trauma and return lost vitality to the client, or doing shadow work (I like to call it shadow play) in order to integrate disowned parts of ourselves and find the gifts that they bring to us.

I have experience working with trauma, addiction, codependency, spirituality, anxiety, coping skills, depression, grief/loss, life transitions, relationship issues, self-esteem, and stress. If any of this resonates, I would love to connect and begin this journey together.