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Dr. Jennifer Kalia-Overlie


With over a decade of working in behavioral health, I continue to become inspired by witnessing the amazing strength and motivation that each person holds in bettering their lives.  I take pride in supporting clients in their journey to wellness and improved mental health.  I firmly believe in holistic treatment, addressing the health of the mind, body and spirit.  Through thoughtful use of medication, psychotherapy, and education, I aspire to design a treatment plan that fits each person’s lifestyle and personal beliefs.  I also evaluate nutritional status as this can be an important component of treatment.

I am a Doctorate prepared Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.  I started working in behavioral health in 2005 and continued my education until I earned my doctorate.  Throughout this time, I have worked in various settings & with all ages, spending time helping those with eating disorders, substance abuse, treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, impulse control disorders, psychosis, and adolescent mental health.  I truly feel called to this profession and appreciate being a part of each person’s journey in their progression towards improved mental wellbeing.