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Betsy Fitzpatrick


Making the decision to seek therapy is never easy. Whether it is an immediate crisis or a long- term situation that has brought you to this point, finding the right therapist to meet your needs is an important personal choice. Developing a trusting relationship with your therapist is vital for any therapeutic method to truly be effective. My goal is to offer compassionate therapy in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. Together we will find solutions that fit your individual needs, and enhance your day-to-day life.

I work collaboratively with teens, individual adults, couples and families struggling with emotional or relationship issues. The attachments we form from the time we are young together with our life experiences shape our beliefs, feelings and behavior. That’s why no matter what issue is bringing you to therapy, your experience is unique and requires therapy designed specifically for you. Using my professional training, empathetic conversations, and the ability to think outside the box with creative forms of therapy, together we can find what works to help you live the life you desire.

My path to becoming a therapist has been a long and winding road. En route to realizing my passion of offering compassionate, I had several meaningful careers starting as a news broadcaster, 25 years in public relations and marketing in the health care field, and finally into Marriage and Family Therapy in a private practice setting. I have found through my life experiences that everyone wants to know that they are important, that their needs and feelings are heard, and there are ways to enhance our relationships and ourselves.

I never take my work for granted. I consider it a privilege that clients feel safe enough to share thoughts and feelings that often they have never expressed before. The road may have been long to get to this point, but I have arrived at a place where I believe I was always meant to be and look forward to working with you on taking steps to be on the path you desire.

Betsy Fitzpatrick, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with Wave Therapy. She received her Masters Of Arts Degree in Psychology, with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy, from Brandman University, a division of Chapman University.  She provides therapy for individual adults, couples, with a special interest in pre-teens to teenagers, dealing with life’s challenges.