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Angelica Manzo


My approach to psychotherapy is based primarily on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) principles of exploring and understanding the connection between our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. I seek to create a safe, warm and nonjudgmental environment in therapy, while helping you to identify key patterns and specific barriers that are stopping you from living a more fulfilling life. The purpose of therapy is to help you to find new ways of relating to your thoughts and emotions, deepen awareness and insight into your patterns, and learn effective coping skills — ultimately to help you attain your goals and foster balanced living.


I also offer mindfulness-based interventions to help enhance the practice of being present. Mindfulness is a very particular way of paying attention nonjudgmentally to yourself and your surroundings. Learning how to grow your capacity for awareness and acceptance of the present moment in your daily life can be very liberating and transformative.


Treatment looks different for each individual. I tailor my treatment plans based on your goals and needs in therapy. My specialties include mood and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress, and stress management. I also work well with clients who identify with a minority status or culture (race/ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) as well as individuals who are first responders or who are in relationship with individuals who work in that field. I look forward to us working together in the near future.